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Like all of our services, our Estate Administration Paralegal Services are designed with your time in mind. These services are billed on an hourly basis, and our billable time is your billable time. After your initial consult with the client, we can take the file and handle all information gathering, asset liquidation, debt payment, and filing of the necessary returns to finish up the file.

The following is a list of services we offer, but it is not all inclusive.  Our services are offered on a project basis and customized to the level of involvement based on your preferences.  Call our office today to consult with us.

Preparation of all Letters to Heirs, Beneficiaries, and Devisees, etc as required

Investigation/Liquidation of all assets of the Estate, such as IRA's, 401k, Pensions, etc.

Preparation of Documents necessary for the distribution of assets and payment debts of the Estate

Preparation of NJ Inheritance and/or NJ Estate Tax Returns as needed
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